Smørrebrød like you've never tried it before

You probably know about the famous Danish open-faced sandwiches that we call smørrebrød. But you have never tried it like this. The rye bread still forms the base, but on top we serve a new take on something very Danish, pålægssalat, which translates into spreadable salad. Saying smørrebrød with pålægssalat may make your tongue curl up, but tasting it will make you ask for more.

Pålægssalat from RØRT

So what exactly is pålægssalat from RØRT? Well, RØRT means mixing or stirring, but also refers to being touched by something. In creating our spreadable salads we choose between ingredients like shrimp, mushroom, chicken or duck that are mixed together with fresh vegetables, herbs and perhaps a bit of mayonnaise to create this very unique type of topping that we mainly serve as smørrebrød on grilled bread. An example could be mixing Greenland shrimp with asparagus and lovage mayo and adding it on top of grilled rye bread to give you a complex taste experience that you have never tried before.

Local, organic and sustainable

We include as many local Danish ingredients as possible and aim to keep them both organic and sustainable. When mixing our salads these ingredients and their consistencies meet in unexpected fusions. The rich fat mayonnaise plays a minor role giving room for fresh greens that change by the season. Additives and preservatives are always a no go.

Visit RØRT at Torvehallerne

Come visit our stand at Tovehallerne – Copenhagen’s market place – and experience our unique servings. Take a seat at the bar and taste our creations as smørrebrød on grilled sour dough or rye bread or even on a croissant. Try it with a nice glass of wine or a beer – we love the synergy that comes into play when our servings are complimented by the perfect beverage.